Giving Tuesday = Giving Everyday


Why Give?

Although on its face it appears that there are few if any present barriers to employment, for some subgroups inequities remain. Individuals with neurodiverse conditions are one such group. For individuals with neurodiverse learning and processing approaches, inequities stem largely from not only abject workforce discrimination but also outmoded beliefs about protectionism of individuals with different learning styles. CommonWealth GrantWorks Foundation was established to offset some of the inequities still in existence in the workplace, with an eye towards making the joy of productivity available to all. We have helped a number of individuals launch their own businesses or add to existing ones.

How to Give?

On November 29, 2022, the worldwide day of giving, we invite you to consider supporting CWGW Foundation in its work to level the workplace “playing field”. Consider giving at any level so that we may spread jobs and spread joy this gift-giving season.