Musings on Sustainability


What is Sustainability?

For many, sustainability is realized via employment. Yet, the process or act of sustaining oneself economically is not ubiquitously achievable. True sustainability for some can only be achieved with a little support or intervention. This is why our foundation exists.

How Can We Help?

Given the limited options for professional youth development and available social and employment resources on the community level, CommonWealth GrantWorks Foundation offers a timely and potentially lucrative option for realizing sustainability. It provides direct support for the employment activities of individuals with neurodiverse learning styles. It has the benefit of serving as a broad reform model that may be applied to various industries and nations, as well as emerging fields of social science and community-based labor reform initiatives. The foundation president is of the firm belief that it is precisely through the fashioning of more flexible, creative, and targeted labor developments like those made possible through our foundation true sustainability, including equitable allocation of limited resources, just treatment of all laborers, and perseverance of entire communities, can be realized.

How Can You Apply?

Qualified individuals are invited to apply via our online application platform, which has been streamlined to make applying much easier. We invite you to apply today at